Importance and Principles of Design


Design is formed by the creation of drawings of a plan or object. The word design, originally of Latin origin, is used as the word “design” in English and French.

Design is forming something in mind, setting it up and conveying it. The most important is the element of obtaining information.

Importance of Design

Having unique features and having a language is of great importance for any organization. It is always advantageous for you to present your institutions and organizations in a unique language. Having original designs always puts you forward. However, you need long-term studies to design and create your own identity. For this, you need to know the design trends and apply them correctly.

Branches of Design

  • Industrial design (the three-dimensional design of products such as machines, technological products, kitchen equipment, white goods)
  • Environmental design (includes building, landscape and interior design)
  • Graphic design (brochures, posters, books, magazines, etc.) is to make the design of the images read and watched in an aesthetic and message-giving quality. The purpose of graphic design is to deliver a message to a specific target audience in a visual way.

Principles of Design

  • Integrity
  • difference
  • Emphasis
  • Balance
  • Area
  • Contrast (Contrast)
  • Rhythm (Continuity)
  • Ratio/Proportion

Perhaps the most important principle of a good design is integrity.



The principle of integrity is that the design makes sense as a whole. Perhaps the most indispensable principle of good design is integrity. The formation of a general perception of the whole in the design and the harmony of each part creates a good effect. And the design becomes even more remarkable.


The difference between the design principles is that the design made on the name makes a difference among the competitors and comes to the fore. For this, the characteristic features in the design are important. Areas of importance: Posters, brochures, business cards and similar designs.


In the design emphasis, the desired message is given. Words, colors and visuals play an important role in these messages.


The balance, which expresses the equal distribution of texts, colors and images, is one of the most important design principles. In fact, its purpose is a design that does not tire the eyes.


Different scaling and dimensional studies are important in expanding the design field.

Contrast (Contrast)

Contrast, which is one of the most important rules in design principles, can be used to make eye-catching designs by taking advantage of the power of contrasts.


It is the general state of harmony in design. Thanks to the rhythm, the eye can easily notice the most important details in the design.


Ratio / Proportion expresses aesthetics in design, with the extremely important ratio / proportion, the desired aesthetics between shapes and texts is achieved, important points in the design manage to attract attention.

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