Google Ads Maximum Performance Campaign

What is Performance Max?

We guess you may have heard of this Google ADS campaign type a lot lately. Because unlike Google’s already existing eight campaign types, it was introduced and implemented as a new campaign type.

With the ever-increasing and complex consumer journey today, we have to regularly optimize the campaigns we create in order to keep users on a large scale, increase the number of new customers and retain existing customers. This is where the “Performance Max” campaign type comes into play. “Performance Max” is designed to achieve the best performance in line with business objectives across all networks on Google. This type of campaign; It brings your ads together with your potential customers with minimal manual input in an integrated manner in many different networks such as Search, Gmail, Display, YouTube Discovery and Map.


A New Perspective for Changing Trends and Consumer Behaviors


Along with the changing customer behaviors, companies started to develop their marketing strategies by analyzing customer behaviors. Although things seem to have gotten much easier from afar, the pandemic has proven to us that the situation is not that simple. Because the purchasing journey; It has been restructured and differentiated each time according to the changing consumer demands, needs, general and niche trends, and will continue to show.

“Performance Max” helps us achieve the best results in all the changes we mentioned, using the power of artificial intelligence and machine learning from Google. After a few inputs such as target audience, creative, text, it is published by self-optimizing and creating tests, using Google inventories in the most effective way.


Why Should We Use Performance Max?

If your aim is; If you want to increase sales, increase lead productivity or increase visits to your physical sales points and indirectly sales, this type of campaign is for you. In short, it enables your business to gain visible conversion goals.

To list some of its features;

Unlocks new user opportunities,

Targets high-ROAS conversion thanks to automatic budgeting and optimizations,

Automatically performs the most relevant optimization for your industry and business,

Saves time to grow your business,

It allows you to get richer insights,


How to use?

With the maximum performance campaign, all the items you own, including text, images, and videos, are grouped together. These elements are combined using machine learning to reach customers with customized, engaging ads across Google channels.

From lead generation to online sales, the campaign works within your budget in real time, using automated bids, with one goal. Creating a “Performance Max” campaign is no different than creating other Google campaigns we are used to, after selecting one of the targets in the option, you can publish the campaign by entering your specific image, video, title, description and other entries.

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