Business Results ! Which Driven by Effective Advertising Strategies and Intensive Optimizations

For Flavus, which is an e-commerce platform within the main area of Well-Being and sells product lines mainly in the areas of Cosmetics, Health and Beauty, we achieved a significant growth in terms of website traffic and transition thanks to the effective advertising services we provided in the platforms such as Google Ads, DV360 Programatik, Criteo, Facebook Meta, Rtb House and Yandex, our strategic capabilities, precision in planning, and implementation skills.

The effective advertising strategies we implemented in that period led to a significant increase in Flavus’ turnover and order statistics.

Flavus broke its own record and achieved x4 growth in its turnover and showed, x3 growth in the total number of items ordered. In addition, an increase of 25% in the number of repeat customers presents a significant growth for the brand Flavus.

With the help of successful advertising strategies and intensive optimization processes, Flavus managed to become one of the fastest growing start-up e-commerce platforms of Turkey in the category it operates.

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