Migration Process and Organic Traffic Success

During the migration from the current website of a brand to a new website, properly monitoring the Migration SEO process is highly important in terms of organic traffic performance.

This type of migrations may have a negative impact on the overall webpage statistics both in the short term and the long term if the migration is not managed properly.

Our client Opet Fuchs, the group of Opet Mineral Oils, which has been utilizing our services in SEO since 2020, migrated to a new website in 2022.

For Opet Fuchs website, this process has been managed with an effective migration strategy and detailed analyses, and thanks to the actions taken, traffic levels presented no fall, but on the contrary, increased in a short period of time, exceeding the pre-migration traffic levels.

During the migration process, the webpages which gave 404 errors were carefully monitored, proper guidance was provided, SEO-compliant proper URL structures were created, and a dynamic website map was designed.

As a result of the process, no drop was observed in the website traffic and, on the contrary, website traffic even increased.

Upon the completion of the migration process, there was an increase of approximately 10% in the organic traffic metrics despite the risky phase of website change.

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