Things to Consider in Social Media Management

Nowadays, social media has become an indispensable part of our lives. According to the We Are Social Digital 2024 report, the number of social media users in Turkey and globally is rapidly increasing, and social media platforms are becoming more integrated into our daily lives.

This increase presents a significant opportunity not only for individual users but also for businesses and brands. Brands have started to place more value on social media within their marketing communications. As a result of this increased value, it has become crucial for brands to focus more on social media platforms to stay competitive.

With the rising statistics of social media usage, the fundamental criteria that need attention have become more important. In this blog post, we will discuss the main criteria to consider in social media management.

Know and Analyze Your Target Audience Well

You may be managing your social media yourself, or you may be working with a specialized social media agency to strengthen your brand and take your processes to a more professional level. In any case, it is important to know your target audience well.

When you understand your target audience, you can create content that will attract their interest and engage them. This way, you can use your time and resources on social media platforms more efficiently. Here are some points to consider when analyzing your target audience:

  • Learn the Demographic Structure of Your Followers: The most important tip for analyzing your target audience is their demographic information. With this demographic information, you can easily access details such as the age range, gender, location, and more about your users.
  • Discover Their Interests: You can analyze the interests of your target audience and shape your strategy accordingly.
  • Notice Their Social Media Usage Habits: By identifying the time periods when your target audience is active on social media, you can analyze them more effectively.
  • Discover What Types of Content Get More Engagement: By examining the reactions to your content and the number of likes and comments, you can analyze which types of content are preferred. This way, you can also guide your content strategies.
  • Utilize Different Data Sources: Instead of relying on a single data source, use different data sources to obtain a more comprehensive analysis. For example, you can collect demographic information from surveys, gather information about interests from social media analytics, and learn about behaviors from website analytics.
  • Collect Feedback from Followers: By directly communicating with your audience and asking them questions, you can gather feedback from your followers.
  • Regularly Track the Changing Preferences and Needs of Your Target Audience: Since the behaviors and preferences of your target audience can change over time, it is important to repeat these analyses periodically. Use the analysis tools of social media platforms to continuously monitor the behaviors and reactions of your target audience on these platforms.

Do Not Forget to Set Clear Goals

We recommend not forgetting to set clear goals while managing social media. Setting the right goals is crucial for measuring success and guiding your strategy. When planning your social media strategies, the measurability of the goals is important. For example, you can closely monitor measurable data such as the increasing number of followers, engagement rates, and website traffic increase, and shape your goals accordingly.

We also recommend ensuring that your social media goals are achievable. By calculating and predicting where you want to be in a certain period, planning your strategy accordingly will be much healthier for you. While ensuring that your strategies are clear and understandable, you should also pay attention to their alignment with the planned goals.

Create a Regular Content Strategy

When it comes to proper social media management, the first thing that comes to mind is creating a regular and consistent content strategy. It is very important for brands to adhere to this strategy, especially if they are working with a social media agency.

Adopting a regular and consistent content strategy in social media management is critical for long-term success. If you have a regular and consistent content strategy, it strengthens the brand’s image and increases its reliability.

Your followers will be convinced that they will find up-to-date and valuable content whenever they visit your page. This situation helps strengthen the bond between you and your target audience. Social media is not only for selling products or services but also an ideal platform to interact meaningfully with your target audience and make them a part of your brand.

By creating a regular and consistent content strategy and actively communicating with your followers, you can gain many important advantages. With a consistent strategy and regular communication, you have the opportunity to stand out from other brands in the market and attract more attention from your audience.

Do Not Overlook What Other Brands in the Market Are Doing

Another point to consider in social media management is closely following other brands in the market. We recommend conducting market analyses to make your strategy stronger and more consistent. By examining the brands in the market, you can understand their strategies.

This way, you have the opportunity to grasp the types of posts they make, their posting frequency, and their engagement rates. By closely following the brands operating in the same category as you, you can identify their strengths and weaknesses. Accordingly, you can also guide your strategy.

At the same time, we recommend closely following the campaigns, discount periods, and competitions conducted by other brands in the market. By analyzing what content other brands produce and which platforms they use, you can shape your strategy accordingly and plan a strategy that you think will work.

This situation will make you different from other brands and enhance the experience you provide to the user. By examining the follower bases of brands, you can get an idea about their target audiences and learn details about their demographic structures.

This method allows you to analyze which follower base other well-positioned brands in the market are targeting and what this audience likes. As a result of the analysis, you can reach tips to strengthen your strategy. By using the method of monitoring the feedback of other brands in the industry, you can examine which content is liked by their target audience and strengthen your strategy in producing successful content that can affect similar audiences. With the information you can learn from other players in the market, you can create your strategy and differentiate your content world.

Choose the Right Social Media Platform

Another important point to consider while managing social media is choosing the right platform. According to the January 2024 data from the We Are Social “Digital 2024” report, the most used and time-spent social media platforms in Turkey are shown in the visual below. You can access the full report here.

Based on the platforms, you can choose the right medium for your brand according to the demographic characteristics of your target audience. It is also important to adopt the right medium to promote your brand according to the content of your business.

Based on the priority and characteristics of the platforms, you should decide on which platforms your brand should be present. You should also choose the right medium to be present in terms of your brand’s budget and resources.

Do Not Neglect to Use Analysis Tools

We recommend using analysis tools while managing your social media channels for your brand. With these analysis tools, you have the opportunity to easily access a lot of information. Among these opportunities is the ability to examine the reach and engagement your page has achieved in detail.

With these analysis tools, you can also learn the demographic data of your page in detail. You can determine the most suitable hours and days for you to post. You can examine the performance of the content you create. By using analysis tools correctly, you can conduct competitive analysis and find the opportunity to optimize your strategy.

Benefits of Getting Social Media Consultancy

By getting social media consultancy, you can take your social media management to a much more professional level. Here are the benefits you can achieve by receiving services from a proven corporate and professional social media agency:

  • You Can Develop the Right Strategy: With the social media consultancy you receive, you can benefit from the technical knowledge and experiences of the agency you will work with while determining your strategy. Based on this strategy, you can plan your content more effectively, decide on the platforms you aim for, and create your publishing calendar.
  • You Can Benefit from Expertise and Experience: By getting social media consultancy, you have the opportunity to take social media management to a professional level. At this professional level, you can benefit from the expertise and experiences of the consultants, closely follow the agenda and trends related to the subject, and create the right strategy.
  • You Can Get Support in Content Production and Management: With social media consultancy, you have the opportunity to get support in content production and management.
  • You Can Find Ways to Increase Engagement: Based on the strategy prepared with social media consultancy, you can create content that will increase engagement.
  • You Can Advertise Correctly: You can give the right advertisements by optimizing suitable budgets for the right target audience.
  • You Can Examine and Analyze Your Performance: You can examine and analyze your performance throughout the process and achieve better performance each time.
  • You Can Save Time: By getting support from a professional team, you can spend less time on time-consuming processes. This way, you can continue to operate in different areas that will strengthen your brand.

When choosing a social media agency, we recommend learning about the past work experiences of the firm you will work with, the brands they currently serve, and analyzing the strategies they follow on their social media accounts. This situation allows you to get an idea about the social media agency you will work with in advance.

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