Agency-Client Paradigm Transformed by the Pandemic

What is the Agency-Client Paradigm?

Paradigm word; We can say that it is a demonstrative generalization based on the general acceptance of a research, event or phenomenon. When we look at it in this sense, we can show all the actions and behaviors that have been normalized within the framework of digital transformations and sectoral innovations until the 2020 pandemic process, under the name of “Customer-Agency Paradigm”. To make it simpler, we can give an example of easier and faster decision making with the usual situations at what level, how and where the customer should spend.

Breaking the Paradigm: A New Era

It is an inevitable fact that the 2020 Pandemic has created chaos in the advertising industry, as it does in every sector. Due to the new client-agency paradigm that emerged in this process, it became more difficult to make decisions about what level, how and where to spend. Such sudden transformations have created marked differences in the behavior of both brands and agencies. In its report (, Google explains how agencies can better meet customer needs. It also highlights how brands need to be reshaped in the face of changing consumer behavior. It is clear that users are turning to digital channels in many areas of their lives, whether for transactional, educational or personal purposes. As a result, consumers, whose expectations are no longer limited to the experience offered in the past, are displaying much higher digital expectations. This is why all businesses, regardless of industry or size, need to accelerate their adoption of digital processes and transform their operations to meet consumers where they are now and deliver the experience they expect.

Agency Value

According to Google, businesses that improve their digital skills during the pandemic have the chance to gain significant benefits, such as up to 20% revenue growth and up to 30% more cost savings. At this point, agencies play a critical role. We can collect these critical roles under five sub-headings;

Strategy: Acquiring strategic partners; a large-scale plan brings incremental steps and lasting success in the long run,

Data and Analysis: Agencies are faster and more competent in accessing a larger database and necessary analysis tools,

Competence: Mature in personnel selection, development, performance evaluation and many more unique features,

Marketing Technology and Advertising: Real-time optimization of customer behavior with better audience, dynamic ads, automation and technology,

Customer Centricity: Focusing on customer behavior to ensure a seamless customer experience.

None of these values are new, but what makes them different and new is that the transformation takes place much faster than usual. In short, businesses should aim to increase their interaction with the consumer by using these important values with the help of agencies.


Chaos creates new opportunities and creates a new order. Set your own boundaries for the reshaping agency-client paradigm. Now is the time to reshape your business operations to meet new digital expectations, set a new direction, find new business partners, and think bigger.

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