5 Common Social Media Mistakes

Social media platforms are platforms that are developing fast and need to be dynamic. When you meet the right design, the right content strategy and the right target audience, interaction will be inevitable. But; There are such details that it is essential to pay attention to it, even if it is done without realizing it most of the time. This is even more important for a country that is in the top 10 on social media platforms such as Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat and Facebook. At this point, Türkiye is in the top 10, leaving most countries behind.

We have listed 5 common mistakes on social media platforms for you by separating them for Instagram and Facebook. Here are 5 common social media mistakes!

Common mistakes in Instagram;

Don’t Buy Followers and Likes!

The number of followers is important for all users and brands. As such, getting bot followers, likes and comments in the use of Instagram becomes one of the common mistakes.

Although this may show your number of followers as high, it takes you away from your target audience and also gives the impression of a poor quality account.

If you want to achieve success on your page, it is the right way to reach your target audience by spreading it over time.

Don’t Use Too Many Hashtags!

Hashtags are one of the best ways to reach new users. However; Since Instagram limits the use of hashtags to 30, posts exceeding 30 hashtags are perceived as spam, which is interpreted as one of the biggest mistakes that can be made.

Although the hashtag limit is 30, according to the statistics, 10 hashtags are reported as an average and acceptable number.

Not without using social media tools!

In particular, tools such as Instagram polls, question-answers, countdowns and tests, which have been renewed with updates recently, keep your account alive and keep users engaged. Making users talk in story shares will start to arouse curiosity on behalf of your brand after a certain period of time. This situation both increases your page interaction and carries your brand awareness forward.

Don’t Ignore Page Statistics!

By following your page statistics on a weekly or monthly basis, you can review your most popular posts, add similar studies to your planning, and make posts that will activate your users.

Not Without Post Boost!

Although it is a feature that is often overlooked, supporting your posts with ads is one of the best ways to reach your potential customers and target audience. As a result of the advertisements, you can show your page to users who do not follow you, and as a result, you can gain both interaction and followers.


Common mistakes made in Facebook;

Pay attention to the cover photo and profile photo sizing!

The first detail that users who enter your profile see as belonging to your brand is the cover and profile photo. If we think of your profile and cover photos as signage, no user would want to enter a store with sloppy signage. From this point of view, your Facebook profile and cover photos should be appropriate in size and appealing to the eye.

Pay attention to moderation!

Although Facebook is a platform that receives fewer messages than other channels, it is among the factors that increase your brand credibility that users are not left unanswered when they ask questions about your brand. According to statistics; #25 of users who send messages expect a response within the first 1 hour.

Don’t miss the interaction time!

It is important to know your target audience well and know when they are active on social media. Reaching your target audience by sharing your posts during your interaction hours is an important detail for your brand. For example; Posting late in mother-child audience accounts is not an action that will move your page interaction forward. In order to increase the number of people reached, you need to determine the hours when your followers are active and make your shares in this direction.

It is important to post regularly!

For your brand credibility, it is an important detail to share your posts regularly. Sharing a post one day and not sharing it for 10 days does not constitute trust for users, while sharing a lot of posts on the same day is one of the antipathic situations for users.


Don’t forget to open a Facebook page for your brand!

Sharing through personal accounts prevents reaching your target audience. Creating a Facebook page for your brand and supporting it with advertising activities are among the details that will help you reach your target audience.

In general, some details that we should pay attention to are;

You don’t have to be on every platform!

Of course, there have been things that you said, applied or thought, that my brand should be in all channels, and that it should not be missing. But; Being on a platform where your target audience is not will have no effect on your brand. Instead, having full performance on platforms suitable for your target audience will give your brand greater benefits.

Strategy is essential!

Moving forward with the right plan will help you reach your goals. Social media takes strategy and planning. Knowing your competitors, making target audience analysis, making weekly and monthly sharing plans, examining the reports and working on the posts to be made next month are among the details that will make you stand out, rather than random posts.

Posting more isn’t getting more engagement!

Although the number of shares varies from sector to sector, one of the most common mistakes is sharing too much. While being in the spotlight always seems good, it can sometimes lead to loss of followers. It’s always best to post without exaggeration in the timeframes that best suit your industry.

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