Holistic Ad Strategy resulted with Record IPO!

We have been working with Big Chefs, one of the largest restaurant chains in Turkey, for Digital Ads management since 2022.

Big Chefs went to the Initial Public Offering in May 2023 and we were responsible for the digital ads campaigns.

We have evaluated the “Demand Collection” and “Acknowledgements” periods, which are important in the IPO departments, as two phases, and we have separated both phases as “Performance Platforms” and “Premium Media” and a total of four different plans are being implemented.

Phase 1 – Demand Collection

In our demand collection phase, our main KPI was to make sure to be aware every potential investor that our brand was offered to the public and to ensure that the maximum number of demand was collected.

Managed Platforms

Via performance platforms, we achieved more than 12.5 million UNIQUE REACH from more than 20 million impressions, through agreed optimum frequency targets and by negatively targeting our “site visitors” remarketing list.

In this process, we successfully made our media purchases through the following platforms and models;

DV360 – Programmatic Video

DV360 – Programmatic Youtube Trueview

DV360 – Programmatic Display

Meta – Video Thruplay

Google – Search

Google – Performance Max

Premium Media & Content Purchases

Premium inventories regularly consumed by the relevant target audience were determined during the bid-gathering periods of the Initial Public Offering (IPO) processes, and media purchases were made through 22 different advertising models in nearly twenty different premium channels in total.

All media purchases were made trackable via Click and Referral codes, known as the “1×1 code”, which we created through the UTM redirect pages created by Campaign Manager 360, so that we could monitor the impressions and clicks on our own platform and check that our premium campaigns are progressing smoothly without any under delivery or unplanned spendings.

In total, twelve fixed and ten rotating premium purchases were made in a 2-week period; In the end of that period, we have achieved 33 million impressions and 1 million clicks.

Phase 2 – Thank to all investors!

After the successful book collection period, we launched our 2nd phase, in which we thank everyone who stands by and supports our brand during the IPO phase.

We retargeted all the people who visited our site and whom we reached in all our “Managed Platform” campaigns in our first phase, through the remarketing groups we created and thanked them through the video/static visuals produced specifically for the phase with related messages.

We received a total of 1 million impressions and reached 325,000 UNIQUE Phase 1 visitors in our broadcasts through low frequency remarketing groups.

Since most of our advertising models in the channels where we made premium purchases were in “news” format, these contents were updated in terms of content and visuals according to both of our phases and continued to live in the relevant inventories and continued to receive hundreds of thousands of impressions that we did not reflect in our reports.

Business Results

As a result of this Public Offering period, which we went through with a very comprehensive operation such as inventory selection, frequency setups, determination of advertising models, editing of our premium purchases and monitoring their complete realization.

During the “Demand Collection” period carried out by our brand Big Chefs between May 3-4-5, a demand of 4.3 billion TL, which exceeded five times the supply size, was received, while the demands of 1.8 million individual investors were met out of 1.89 million individual demands. The size of the public offering was 832.5 million Turkish Liras.

As the Minds2Lead team, we are as proud as our brand Big Chefs of the role we played in the success of the IPO results, we look forward to writing new success stories with Big Chefs in the future projects.

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