Marketing Guide for the Year 2022

While the year isn’t over yet, it’s time to plan for 2022. We may be affected by the changes brought about by Covid 19 in unexpected ways in the coming year as well. We live in an unpredictable uncertainty. The definitive solution to this situation is to be planned and cautious. We have some suggestions that will help you find your direction in these areas and contribute to your 2022 marketing strategy.

Is Your Digital Maturity Sufficient?

It’s not enough, but yes this time it’s not a valid answer. There has been a rapid and sharp transition to the digital world. In this transition process; We had to transform our operations to keep up with online consumer behaviour, needs and expectations. The digital world, which has become the new norm, now has a permanent place in our lives.

Although it may be difficult to decide where to start, you should hold on to one end. Setting realistic goals, putting aside the trial and error method, and being analytical will add functionality to your plan.

First-party data: Connect online and offline data sources to create a two-way exchange of value with customers. Always be one step ahead of your customers.

Don’t settle for reports: While reports are important in your journey with customers, they’re not enough. You can do more than just reports. On the one hand, you can try new keywords or channels in your campaigns and update your bid strategies, on the other hand, evaluate how effective they are.

Be agile: Improve team coordination to respond more quickly, effectively and consistently to rapidly changing consumer behavior. Increasing in-team coordination goes through productive meetings, trainings and right guidance.

Confidentiality: Earning the trust and respect of customers should always come first. You must respect users’ data preferences.

Moderation: Comments, suggestions and complaints from customers… Each is important. You must accept praise and find a solution for criticism and complaints. Denying and ignoring shows your digital immaturity.

Sustainability: Incorporating sustainability, which is a very comprehensive topic, into digital marketing activities can be confusing. Sustainability is, in a way, creating “positive stories”. If you’ve made a meaningful change, highlight it, be transparent and measurable. Don’t tell “eco-friendly lies,” to put it less elegantly.

Plan Your Social Media Content: In order to get effective feedback on social media reflections, you should not limit your shares instantly and daily. You should plan the whole month, get opinions from second and third parties, decide on the number of content you will share monthly, and achieve stability even at the time of content sharing. For example, at 14.00, your user should know that you will receive an interaction. Mutual loyalty is beautiful.

If you expect loyalty from your customers, you must show it first.

Share the Right Content in the Right Channel: Not all channels are suitable for all content types. In order for the content you will serve to your customers to meet the right target audience, you must establish the right balance of “media/communication language”. For example, while building a more fun and interactive image on Instagram, you should be more functional and corporate on LinkedIn.

Create a Holistic Identity: In order to create a corporate identity, you should be the only item in all of your presence, starting with your website. The logo, the font, the colors used, the language of communication, the background… In short, everything should be integrated.

Produce: There is a 90 – 9 – 1 Rule in social media. 90% just watching, i.e. quickly scrolling down the contents on the phone. 9% comment, like and share. Producers are only 1%. So what does this mean? The answer is simple. There is a 99% audience that follows the content you produce. So all the content you produce is very valuable. Have a tripod and gimbal handy. Even you won’t believe the beauty of the content that comes out with a little preparation! Invest in Training: Trends change fast. With the rapidly changing trends, the focus, expectations and wishes of the users are also likely to change. To catch users all the time, you need to be one step ahead of them. You must continue to train yourself and your team on this never-ending paced road. Online courses, webinars, talks, podcasts, etc. Incorporate content into your training programs.

Meet Minds2Lead: As a full-service digital communications agency, we use our strategic skills to develop integrated ROAS-driven digital marketing campaigns with a creative and technical approach. We work to ensure that your strategy creation, performance marketing, SEO, social media and marketplace goals are compatible, measurable and beneficial. We develop integrated campaigns based on your KPIs such as Brand and Awareness, LEAD, E-commerce and Turnover, by blending our strategic knowledge and skills with our creative approach and technical capabilities. While preparing your 2022 Digital Communication Plan, we are here with our expert team to support you in matters that confuse you.

May it be a happy and successful 2022, where you reward development, not perfection, progress systematically and in a planned way, with high CTR, low CPC!

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