Achieving Community Remaining in a Work-from-Home Culture

If this title caught your attention, we guess that you are already included in the working from home club. Many of us have experienced working from home before, but who among us has worked from home this long before? In this new order, which we learned by trying and staying in the flow, without being prepared, you may feel a little lonely these days, even if you continue your working life without interrupting your work.

You are not alone in feeling lonely. While you spend the majority of your day working and at the office, the withdrawal from home can affect you. We agree that organized office life makes work more enjoyable and productive. Taking small breaks, taking quick action on topics, going out to lunch with friends… So how do we all feel that sense of community again while working from home? We have some suggestions that can make this transition period more comfortable until we meet at the same place at the same time.

Promote Your Workspace

You have a corner of your home where you enjoy working the most and you’re usually there, but when your colleagues call you, they always see you on the same limited screen, right? Giving a little more detail about your work environment can strengthen your bonds of mutual empathy. Show your desk, your pet, your coffee cup, your framed photos, your musical instrument, your awards, your collection or your children. Sharing from life in meetings where the heat is rising or during busy working days will be good for you and will add positive energy to the environment.


Share Your Common Interests

The last season of La Casa Del Papel, a newly released podcast or a new place you discovered on the weekend… There are many areas where you can meet with your teammates on a common ground, even if you are at home, apart from your work plan. Feel free to share, comment and share your skills. Tips for a good meal, a cocktail recipe that will cheer you up on Fridays, or exercise suggestions you make at home can enliven your environment. For those who love simultaneous sharing and cannot progress without screen sharing, we have a fun program suggestion: Netflix Party! Netflix Party, a Chrome extension, lets you sync video playback and add group chat to your Netflix experience. In other words, you and your colleagues can organize TV series, movie or documentary watching parties together.


Play Games

Softening the sweet rivalry between you and your teammates with online games can be more enjoyable and relaxing than you might imagine. We say give a chance to the games that everyone can contribute online. It can be fun to see your co-workers who are constantly reporting and briefing you with the songs of The Queen thanks to the FreddieMeter game. It doesn’t matter how badly you sing the song, after all, which of us can be compared to Freddie Mercury?

Those looking for a quieter game with a lower volume can take a look at Each of the players gathered in the rooms draws a picture in turn, while the other players try to guess what it is.

Emphasis on Being Kind and Thoughtful

Relationships with customers, preparing reports, falling behind on a collaborative project, language confusion, preparing presentations, over-revisions can sometimes make you feel more stressed than it should be. When you are stressed, you may not be able to use your full potential. In such cases, sharing the burden of your colleague spiritually, making relationships based on benefits, and empathizing will make everything better. Remember that giving thanks, apologies, gratitude, and mutual understanding, while seemingly simple, can have a huge impact and contribute to increased productivity.

We can create a more durable operational force by preserving the operational structure and allocating time to morale-boosting activities. No matter how busy we are, but when we communicate with each other, we can remember that we are together during this difficult time. This relaxes our brain, body and soul.

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